I’m No Quitter

My brother is getting married in a few weeks.

We’re thrilled.

Mostly we’re thrilled that he’s found such an amazing person to share his life with.

I’m pretty sure my dad is thrilled that he’s marrying a girl. 

He’s 42.  We were starting to wonder. 

I got these shoes to wear to the wedding:

I thought it might be wise to give these hotties a test drive, as I have been known to . . .um. . . . fall off my shoes. 

So I wore them this week.

I walked.  I twirled.  I swung my feet in the air to show people my cute new shoes.

I felt so sexy.

I felt so TALL.

I felt such pain.

In my toes. 

Those beautiful shoes rub against my big toes. 

By noon, I switched to flats. 

The flats hurt because of the giant throbbing blister on each big toe.

I would drive through the pain, but agony takes some of the sass out of your walk, ya know?

But my toes are better today.

So this weekend I am buying some of those shoe insets that will keep me from sliding forward so much.

And I’m gonna try again on Monday.

Because those shoes are worth it.


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